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complained, pepco said that was wrong. it was actually more. his frustrating battle is next. >>> topper. >> well, neither dulles or national made 50 today. we were in the 40s. more like december. and here is your wake up weather. grab your coat and sunglasses. 30s at 5:00. but 28-38 at 7:00. we'll come back and talk about the temps and look ahead to the weekend. still watching the coastal storm for the weeke >>> just moments ago, we learned prince george's county police have arrested four men for the 2010 shooting of 29-year-old melvin pike. back in november of that year, pike was found in his car suffering from a gunshot wound. fast forward to last week. he died of complications related to the shooting. police have ruled the manner of death a homicide and the four have now been charged with first and second degree murder and a host of related charges as well. >>> here is a question. what will you do if you got an $11,000 bill from pepco? you complain, right? >> yes. that is huge. but in a very real case, pepco responded by sending out a brand newbill saying the bill wasn't really 11 gr
,000. when he complained, pepco said you know what it is actually more. his frustrating battle coming up next. >>> what would you do if you got an $11,000 bill from pepco, right? >> yeah, it was all too real in one case where they responded by sending out a brand new bill saying the bill was not really $11,000, it was actually $19,000. it only got worse. >> what would you do? >> reporter: the customer swears no way no how he could have possibly used the tens of thousands of dollars in pepco power. they claimed he owed them for his small bethesda shop. even before he had first turned on the lights at his new salon, his pepco meter was already racing out of control. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: just take a look at that bill. >> and the initial bill was $73 plus $4,200, totaling the $11,385. after i had protested about this number, i got another bill as you can see that then totaled $19,000. >> reporter: he says finally pepco agreed to launch an investigation. so he just went back to business. >> how do you feel about the overall length of your hair? >> and waited and waited for the results. >
. >>> between the dominion virginia and pepco report fewer than ten customers out of power in the washington area. and bge is close to restoring power to all of the d.c. regional customers, we just checked with bge, it is now reporting -- >>> after wild chase including explosions, the man wanted for attempted murder in connection with three pipe bombings in northern virginia was taken into custody yesterday afternoon. but lawrence stewart ii was not where atf officials expected to find him. stewart was arrested near belt, montana east of great falls. authorities say he threw pipe bombs at them from his vehicle which led them on a car chase. >>> a local police officer is now been charged trying to murder a man he was arresting. prosecutors say in september johnnie riley a sergeant with district heights, maryland police department arrested a man suspected of stealing a motorcycle. well, the suspect who was in handcuffs at the time ended up escaping custody and started running down the street. now prosecutors say the officer riley abused his authority by shooting the man in the back. as he was
% of their customer base to go, but everyone seems to be back online after outages related to sandy. pepco is even getting some praise. 9news, i should say, is the only outside crew invited when energy secretary stephen chiu came personally to thank the linemen for their efforts during super storm sandy, which that storm knocked out power to 44,000 customers. excuse me, at the height of it, far fewer than the other utilities. >> now, was this a little bit of luck and preparation? a little bit of both? one or the other? >> you know it's a combination. but i will tell you it is the same amount of preparation for the storm. whether it came, hit us hard, or didn't hit us hard. we still had to go with the same steps. still organize all the instant teams. >> even one of their critics. montgomery county council member. they tell 9news a combination of not burying the brunt of the storm and that lead to a better response. now, he says that it will go a long way for rebuilding the goodwill of pepco customers. >>> how do you think that your utility did after sandy? satisfied? frustrated? share your thoughts
will discuss pepco's response to hurricane sandy. roger verlander will meet with members of the media today at the county building in rockville. thousands lost electricity in the county as trees knocked over power lines after the storm. pepco is receiving generally high praise for its response to sandy, restoring power to everybody only a few days after the storm. >>> 6:06 is your time. 40 degrees. ahead, a tough one for the redskins and something you don't expect to hear from a head coach halfway through the season. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it wa
. >> thousands of people across the area are still without power this morning. pepco is reporting a handful of outages. the many and reports over 33 outages. bge has roughly 6300 outages right now. martin o'malley is spending another day checking out the miss left behind it. >> out in garrett county, and more than two feet of snow. widespread outages in that part of the state. he will visit a shelter in oakland, maryland. >> president obama got a firsthand look at destruction and new jersey. entire neighborhoods washed away. on wednesday a gas main broke sparking several fires. the president told victims the government was there for them and he would not tolerate any red tape. >> i can promise you the federal government will be working as closely as possible with local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> in new york there are some signs of progress. parts of the subway is running today. amtrak will star running trains in and out of new york on friday. >> on tuesday cynthia lopez was working with a tree removal company when the huge tree fell right on top of her. -- a tree
of people impacted by hurricane sandy. pepco is telling us it has restored power to the last of its impacted customers, last night. dominion still has the 1600 without power. that 20 by to get the end of today. passed 5600 customers in the dark in southern maryland. that fixed byave tomorrow night. years of flooding beginning to subside all across the area. adam caskey has more on that in your forecast. the fear of flooding should be subsiding. are quickly levels subsiding. flooded by israel for the entire region. advisory. it's for the district of columbia, around georgetown, a coastal flood advisory until midnight. tide at 10:37 this evening. water levels will be 1.5 feet normal outside, nothing unusual and for a big rainfall event in the area. that's the only flood advisory have to speak of at the . live super doppler 7 radar , areas of green, especially fairfax county from burke springfield and across potomac, prince george's , south of bowie, just a sprinkles. also, frederick county, east of highway 15 and around winchester as well. r screen.s on the rada midday sprinkles. they will be
county's council president will discuss pepco's response to sandy. he'll meet with members of the media today at the council office building in rockville. thousands were without power in the county following a massive storm. pepco is receiving generally high praise for its response to sandy restoring power to everyone only a few days after the storm. people in garrett county, maryland, are finally digging out after the storm. sandy dumped more than 30 inches of snow in that area. more than 35% of state and county roads are back open. the national guard is helping with stranded vehicles and recovery efforts. >>> 4:36 is our time now. a d.c. team will face charges for attacking two women in the district. 19-year-old demarco miles made his first court appearance saturday morning after police arrested him on friday. he's accused of sexually assaulting a howard university student friday afternoon. he's also facing charges for attacking a woman in her rhode island row apartment late last month. the woman in that incident is still in the hospital recovering from multiple stab wounds. >>> tonig
, better news for people without power. pepco has is customers on power. thefor others, the lights will be back on some time tonight. >> moref the damage in the northeastern u.s.. many communities are still waiting for the flood waters to go down. people in new york city are heading back to work. there are long lines waiting for buses because of the crippled transportation system. we have more on that from the satellite center. >> one estimate has damage from the super star running as high as $50 billion. that could make sandy the second costliest storm. there are some areas waiting for help to arrive. three days later, the death toll continues to decline. the national guard rules and to an area where 20,000 are standard. >> we do not have that much food. >> further south natural gas leaks from destroyed homes. crews have not been able to get here to turn off the gas. >> we never really expected this to be this bad. >> we're awed and humbled by nature's destructive power. we mourn the loss of so many people. our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones. >> parts of new
their homes and troops are going to remain on patrol. they even uneveryoned a couple of caskets. >>> pepco is being praised for its efforts during ask after sandy. 9news now was the only outside crew invited with energy secretary steven shu came to personally thank the linemen for their efforts with sandy. the storm knocked out power to 44,000 customers during height of sandy. far fewer than the other utility companies. was this a little president of luck and preparation, a little bit of both? >> it's a combination but i'll tell you it was the same amount of preparation for the storm, whether it came -- hit us hard or didn't hit us hard. we still had to go through the same steps and organize all the teams. >> one of the staunchest critics of pepco telling 9news now a combination of not bearing the brunts of the storm and better prep work led to a better response, he says that will go a long way to rebuilding goodwill with its customers. >>> still a few of the neighbors without power to the west. bge says that less than 500 outages still exist in our region. potomac edison still has more th
, pepco, a low number of outages and quick restoration. preparation, good luck, or both? we talk with them just ahead. >> breaking news in the penn state child sex abuse scandal. what he is facing coming up. >> and later, new research shows morities are less likely to be saved from a heart attack by cpr. a look at why that is and what'sbeing done to reverse the trend. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. >> we have a few school closings to share. these schools that still have no power. lokian elementary. >> also magathy river middle. and southern middle school s all remain closed today in maryland. lewis town elementary also closed. check out our web site if you missed any of those. >> all right. tucker is here to tell us what we can expect today. hello, sir. >> more of the same. cloud cover out there . mix a little sunshine in the forecast as well. cool with high temperatures mid 50s. should be in the 60s here for the first day of november. bills to pay. couple showers here in north and west. one or two up near westminster. looks like we've had one. not terribly nume
super storm sandy. >> a small percentage of them in the area. pepco, literally a couple dozen. they hope to get everybody back online tonight. b.g.e. about 6300 outages in maryland this morning. >> we are seeing small signs of progress in new york and new jersey but still so much work ahead. >> the nation's largest public transit system will begin rolling again this morning, but with limited service. some tunnels and stations remain flood and power is still out in much of downtown. but the lights began to turn back on in some areas near wall street. still, subways won't run yet through the city's financial district. mayor bloomberg announced only vehicles with three or more occupants will be allowed to enter manhattan between 6:00 a.m. and midnight. snuge struggling to recover. -- new jersey is struggling to recover. they are working to clear streets clogged by sand and debris. gas leaks and the aparent shortage of gas crews to help shut down ruptured lines. >> where are all of these gas trucks? why can't we get gas trucks down the b
element aftermath -- the big cleanup in virginia and maryland. pepco says power has been restored to all of its , and dominion reports 6000 outages. -- the fear isd flood.her along the potomac in northwest. >> we passed high tide just r hou was high, no doubt that, b it is not area nearn this h is good news.c for the route, you see tons of debris has been going by us. with other things related to sandy as well. scenet, it was a surreal alexandria as strieker -- trick or treaters past fallen trees. got power back. it is monday afternoon. was it like to get it back? >> it was great. >> but many homes were still dark. the falls are still up tonight, flooding is a little lingering fears of more. we drove the length of rock parkway and beach drive, the creek is tie whole stretch is open. back in alexandria, workers were back after taking to higher ground before .esterday's flooding even as things seem to return to normal, people were keeping eyes and the potomac. halloween night, you want to the sights and the kids in costumes, but coming down out for have to watch your vehicle. it wil
and pepco says all our customers affected by sandy now have power. 9news was the only outside crew invited when the energy secretary, steven chiu came out to thank them for their efforts during the super storm sandy. that storm knocked out power to 45,000 customers. far fewer than the other utility companies. >>> but it may be nearly two weeks more before the power is fully restored in new york city. and today, there is some limited subway service for the first time since the storm. the major routes to the cities are being limited to the cities carrying three or more people. >> and we didn't think that it was going to be this bad, but honestly, i'm glad that we were here so we could start cleaning it out. >> and in new jersey, nearly 2 million people are still in the dark. that's almost 25% of the state's entire population. in hoboken, thousands are stranded as the flood waters simply have no place to go. on top of all that, drivers in both new york and new jersey are waiting hours on end to gas up their vehicles. that's if they can even find a station that's open. bruce johnson reports fr
are the latest figures. pepco reports it has zero outages related to the storm. dominion power has more than 3300 people without power, bge has more than 1,700 in our region without power and potomac edison has more than 26,000 outages in maryland and just under 79,000 in west virginia. >>> novec has 380 sandy-related outages. >>> and while things are quickly returning to normal in our area, it is going to be a while before new york recovers. the city's road to recovery is literally gridlocked. subway trains began rolling a short time ago for the first time in 3 1/2 days. but service is limited. 14 out of the 23 subway lines are now running, but only in limited areas. multiple tunnels and stations remain flooded. authorities say that it will take a week just to pump out the water and then crews will begin assessing the damage and making repairs. >>> most of new jersey's barrier islands remain off limits after sandy. the massive storm left communities along the jersey shore devastated. allison harmlin reports that gas shortages across the state are now a big problem. >>reporter: people who live
. during that tour, the president pledged federal support for the long haul. >> pepco says it's restored power to all of its customers affected by sand dominion hopes to do the same by tonight. about 1,700 of its customers are still in the dark. that number was over 3,000 just a few hours ago. more than 4,000 bge homes and businesses in our area have no electricity. most of them are in anne arundel county. novak is working to restore four a little more than 250 customers. >>> some students will have another day. in anne arundel county four schools are closed. chapel forge early childhood center in prince george's county is also without power, as is lewis town elementary in frederick county, maryland, and all schools in pendleton county, west virginia, are closed because of power outage issues. >>> time for weather and traffic. tom kierein, you're talking about falling back and falling down. it has been a busy weather week for you. >> for all of us. it's been an amazing team effort. we are still dealing with some of the effects of sandy. it's a huge storm. it's weakened a lot, but it is s
on the east coast still without power. >> some of them without power. pepco only reporting 23 customers without power. that's in d.c. montgomery county and prince george's county. dominion with 3100 outages in northern virginia and b.g.e. with 6400 outages in maryland. >> maryland governor martin o'malley will spend the day in another part of the state hit hard by sandy. >> he will visit garrett county. take a look at this. two feet of snow from the storm. o'malley meeting with local leaders and emergency management officials. he will also visit a shelter. >> president obama getting a first hand look at the destruction in new jersey. danger continues. on wednesday a gas main broke that sparked several fires. the president told storm victims the government is there for them and he will not tolerate any red tape. >> the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> in the new york area, there are signs of progress as well. kennedy and newark airports reopened with limi
. >>> right now, montgomery county council president roger better lander is discussing pepco's response to hurricane sandy. he's meeting with members of the media at the council office building in rockville. thousands lost electricity in the county as trees knocked over power lines following the storm. but pepco is receiving mostly high praise for their response. restoring power to everyone only a few days after that dynamic storm. >>> jersey just can't catch a break. they had an earthquake today, huh. >> it was very minor thankfully. the next thing for them is this coastal storm that could be threatening that area by thursday for them. for us, may be affecting us by wednesday. the only difference now is we're going to have one hour earlier sun rises and one hour earlier sne sun sets. this is 4:30 in the afternoon. the sun was about to set. it's going to take time getting used to. it sure is nice having that extra hour of sleep. >> loved it. >> i think we should turn the clocks back one hour every weekend. >> every weekend. >> might get a little thrown off after a while but i'm loving t
montgomery county's council president will discuss pepco's response to hurricane sandy. roger verlander will meet with the media today in rockville. thousands lost electricity in the county as trees knocked over power lines following the storm. pepco is receiving generally high praise this time around for its response to sandy, restoring power to everyone only a few days after the storm. >>> folks in garrett county, maryland, are finally digging out of the storm. hurricane sandy dumped 38 inches of snow in that area. this morning state and county roads are back open. the army and national guard is helping stranded vehicles and coordinating recovery efforts. >>> on this monday morning, a tragic ending to a day at the zoo. dogs maul a 2-year-old boy. >>> redskins lose heading into the bye week. what coach shanahan is now saying about how he'll treat the rest of the saeds on. >>> nine minutes after the hour. i made the mistake of stepping out without my coat on. >> i made the mistake of stepping out with my winter coat in my hand and still shivering. >> 41 degrees as we look over the naxti
. >> and springsteen tonight. >> the pepco guys out in the rain tuesday night putting the poles back up outside my house. we got power back. thank you, pepco. >> yeah. mhc show has a special on women in this election on saturday night at 6:00. >> all right. speaking of specials, tonight, a benefit concert for victims of hurricane sandy. watch it tonight here at 8:00 eastern. and tomorrow at 9:00, i will have an election special of the daily run down right here on prime time on msnbc. we'll be out in rockefeller in a plaza. bye-bye. who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and sav
for the record. i've met and talked with them. they set these holding company mechanisms above pepco so they make money off the tax system. they are one of the worst utilities in america when it comes to service. i wrote about this some years ago. the "washington post" did a big investigation because he got to be so bad. by looking municipal systems to have extraordinarily good service records because they are run as a public service for the community rather than to make a profit. so pepco is unusual but they are worse than a. i go to the book and to show how these achilles are being hollowed out. largely people who are career utility people, and i'm clearly no fan of monopolies, but you understood and to run the business as well in terms of service, have been replaced by financial folks. they have been hobbling out these utilities. so in california, pacific gas and electric got rate increases we could replace power poles on a 50 year cycle. that's reasonable. they are test latest power poles on average last 50 years. a few will last 100. on average 50. they replace poles on a 775 year cycle. the
to pepco. a while back i beat up on its president thomas graham after their sorry response to a storm. well, you guys surely did get it right this time. to tom graham and all the rest of pepco, way tgo. >>> charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me,
still in the dark. pepco has restored power to virtually all of its customers, reporting just 13 without power. novak has restored power to all but about 380 of its customers. >> the lack of power is keeping several schools in our area closed. students from four schools will get another day off, lotion elementary, southern middle. chapel forge early childhood center in prince george's county is also without power. all schools in pendleton county are closed because of power issues. >>> there is still much to be done in the wake of hurricane sandy and some of the devastation is still unfolding. in woodbridge, new jersey, some 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel leaked, it's mixing in with the water that leads to the atlantic. 200 workers are working to contain that spill. >>> this morning we're learning more about the efforts of search and rescue in staten island, looking for two children who vanished during the storm. rescuers found 14 people alive, three others dead. a couple is missing, but their car is gone, leading police to believe the two drove out before the flooding. police say many peop
response, a little bit of concern raised about the virginia situation with their power folks, pepco. a lot of people were saying a lot of different things about pepco this time than in previous storms. baltimore gas & electric. our listeners seem to be telling us that in general, they seem satisfied and people without power are not happy, we got a lot of that. there you go. >> one of the things out of this whole scenario of preparation for the storm. should be a model of preparedness throughout the region. a lot about how emergency preparedness happened throughout the storm. but this is a good example if you are prepared right and prepare with operations and working conditions and things like that, you wouldn't get through -- you can survive and get through. >> one of the ways we prepared. metro schult down early, schools increased early, federal government offices were closed early. >> i was going to say, yes, it worked. >> was it too much? >> no, could could not have been too much, i think everybody went on the side of caution. that was the smart thing. usually what happens, they wait un
they are run as a public service for the community rather than a profit. so pepco is not unusual in that regard. i go to the book and show how utilities are being hollowed out. largely people who are career utility people and i'm a fan of monopolies here comes that of understood in terms of service have been replaced by financial folks and they've been hollowing out these utilities. southern california, pacific gas and mike are reading pieces to replace our hopes on a 50 year cycle. the testimonies power poles on average. on average 50 years. they replace poles on a 775 year cycle. they put up about three dozen polls a year, so the power poles today if nothing changes supposedly will have two last until 2775. now if you're a competitive business, you don't reinvest in the business. you don't replace equipment as it wears out. you go broke. if you're a monopoly utility, the disaster comes for a much powerful collapse for me so you need emergency rate increase. .. that happened after these blackouts did they make a difference or is it just a lot of lip service? >> i think this is a fundamental pr
they are beautiful. we need them. but around your home , start thinking about planting smaller trees. and pepco has really great tips on what to plant for medium sized trees. back to you. great stuff. >> thank you. this morning we are getting a taste of the fall harvest with local apples. there is much more to sample than just apple pie. holley joins us live. >> reporter: it's not apple pie but equally as sweet. in many versions when we're talking about what we're going to talk about. first friday up here, the first friday of the month, 45 plus shops, restaurants, antique shops, they all come together and open up and stay open late on friday nights and offer up something special. and there's no better way to enjoy it all than with a good glass of wine. good morning to you on this chilly morning. >> it is a little chilly. >> it's getting colder as the morning goes along. this wine will warm us up. we are talking about the apple harvest season. what do you got for us? >> today i brought one of my new creations which is our apple wine. this is my second year i've done apples. comes from winchester, vi
no electricity. pepco says just seven customers are without power. >> outages at some schools mean another day for some students in our area to be off. in anarundel county, four schools are still closed. louis witown elementary is still without power. all schools in pendleton county, west virginia, are closed because of power outage issues. >>> temperatures are down to around 40 degrees this morning. sandy spinning over southeastern canada still. you still see the huge effects of this storm. we're still getting scattered sprinkles from western pennsylvania into western maryland. thankfully, the big snow machine has ended out there. the dark blue areas are around freezing. that's much of western pennsylvania into western maryland. the light blue generally in the low to mid 40s. we're going to hold steady here for the next several hours and not warm up much today. hour by hour, by 6:00 a.m., it actually may dip down to the upper 30s and maybe a few sprinkles around, and then by noontime, maybe a few breaks in the clouds and only the low 50s and a northwesterly wind, and a little sunshine breakin
any type tips you can give her to keep cost down. >> we did turn to pepco and they said there are easier ways to lower energy use and save money on your electric bill. first, set your thermostat to 768 degrees during the day and 60 at night. dressing warmly and lowering that thermostat you can lower 3% per degree that you lower the thermostat below 70 on your heating bill. you'll drop that thing 3%. next change your filters in your machines. this helps maintain the heating system by making sure it is running efficiently and winterize your windows by using weather stripping and caulk. and if you have a question you'd like us to consider, send it to on facebook by searching liz crenshah's consumer watch. >>> how can you donate items like clothing and shoes to those affected by hurricane sandy. can leaving your lights on in a laundry room help those hang drying clothes dry faster. find out the answers at 5:00. we'll see you then. >> i did that this week. >> join me at 5:00. >> the wheels just rolled right over them. >> were those the ones you were
natural resources down 4%. pep koe down 2 1/2% -- pepco down 2 1/2%. let's bring in our next guest. is this all about the taxes going higher on dividends? >> let's just use at&t as an example. it has a 5% yield. 15% federal and let's say state is 5. you get a 4% effective yield. if that gets doubled all of a sudden your yield is 3%. are you going to pay as much for 3% as you used to pay for 4? liz: or buy as many shares? >> or you wouldn't buy as much or go for something that's way more about capital gains on a long-term basis that can be deferred. liz: at&t pulling back by just under 3% at the moment. what's the heart of the sell-off? you are surprised that people are surprised. >> i'm surprised. i think there are two things, one, yesterday was a very strong market, up more than a percent yesterday. i don't know why we had the rally yesterday. but secondly for the republicans to go backwards in the senate or not to make gains in the senate, i think that was a surprise to most people. liz: you know that the way a trader's mind works or an investor's mind works, i'm going to look ah
. and so pepco is not unusual. the utilities were being hollowed out. career utility people, who understood the had to run the businesses well in terms of service, have been replaced by financial folks. and they've been hollowing out these utilities. so in california, pacific gas and electric got rate increases so it could replace power poles on a 50 year cycle. that's reasonable. a few last 100, on average, 50 years. they got the rate increase pay for this, they play reeseed poles on a 775 year cycle. not 46,000 poles a year but 3,000 pole as year, and so their power polls today if nothing changes will have to last until 2775. now, if you're a competitive business and you do that you don't renvois in the business, don't replace equipment, you go broke, bit if you're your a monopoly utility, when the disaster comes and power poles collapsor, run to the government and say we need an emergency rate increase and i you've managed to get the legislature under deregulation to get rid of the utility staff that is supposed to stand up for the public, and you manage to get rules in place like the fe
could be restored within the hour in fact by there. bge is reporting more than 6,000 outages and pepco within the last hour has 13 customers without power. kristin fisher is here now with more on the intense recovery effort underway now in northeast, good morning. >> reporter: up and down the coast millions of people remain in the dark. the damage in the billions of dollars. and the death toll at least 63 people. but that number is likely only going to continue to climb as new jersey and new york begin to transition from the search and rescue phase to the recovery which in many ways most folks say is more daunting. yesterday, president obama brought some hope to hard hit new jersey pledging to be in it for the long haul. he toured the garden state with governor chris christie where entire neighborhoods are still underwater. the president said his top priority, getting the power back on especially atwater filtration plants and other critical infrastructure. his second priority? transportation. clearing roads from debris and restoring mass transit so people can begin to go back to work. than fourr ozzn roads throughout the county closed pepco serves washington d-c &pand its maryland o yesttrday... crews had rrstored more than 95-percent inetrm. and werpies followwng the rest before the end f the night. 3p sttady progress continues in restorrng powerto the thousandssleft in the dark, after sandy roared throogh maryd ese, iamt noo. good morning jo d. we're here at greenspring avv pillside road and look.... happening her... now let g edthere with 16 thoussnd there with 16 being worked on there with 16 presthtoms wittout ppwer. morninn, the linessare back up.. withh ew wooden crrssss back on poles to hold on innuua to the cromwell brrtherandd family s keeping warm inside - their home with help from a generator. outside,,where (mr. crommell/withouttpower) "i didn't think it was goinn to be as baa as it was. it seems likk that sttrr, that eye as just..e were in the ccnter of that ey. anddwe caught it. you could tell by all e trees that are uprooted, the high wiid especially. ieen, and wres going smoothly tonight on sshucks road.. crews
on the superstorm sin .he recovery effort pepco has recovered power to s customers,f it still without power. today martin o'malley visited county that was pounded on with two feet of snow. flooding in alexandria last night. campaignresidential returns to full swing. president obama and nevada and wisconsin. and virginia. more in an in-depth report on newschannel 8 in a few minutes. the commute. >> thank you. trains and metro rail on-time come on schedule. train on-time -- but there's a broken down amtrak .rain all in the south lawn of about 60 running minutes late. ride and shirlington passed the pentagon and the 14th street bridge. earlier tractor-trailer has now beenled cleared. 355 southbound, an incident blocking the left side. but as check and let the jacqui jeras. >> 46 degrees at reagan national. are seeing a low forties area. the clouds as well. lingering.ess showers, ay north as you can doppler.per .ot amounting to much sunshine and clouds. will be cool. 52 to 58. day showing you it will for some [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathe
in china, india, and russia. the foreign minister and the secretary of state would have to go t. pepco and three times agreed. -- a year. we got off to a good start, but i can only say be partially succeeded in elevating the importance of a shared -- asia. is not as crystal clear as it is today. part because the secretary in the present kept getting dragged back into other issues. the president thought asia was in port. he was an economic animal and realize the importance of trade, but the first couple years of his administration clinton focused on the domestic economy, which is the most important thing you can do for your foreign policy, and above all, today. christopher spent a lot of time in asia to the region, but he would also get subsumed in the bosnia crisis and the middle east, and so although we raised the profile, i do not think we were able to succeed as kurt campbell has succeeded. i will make one final comment in briefed on the china rollercoaster, because we all have this experience. it affected me personally. in 1993, i negotiated with the leaders of the house and senate
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